About HCM

Mission & Philosophy


Our Mission

At Headcake Media we go beyond the weird name. It's all about the designs and relationships. Our mission is to provide quality creative services to small business who don't want to shell out all their profits to get a quality website or a logo, and to larger companies who need major service without the major price. We are an endless network of creatives, contractors, and technicals. That is how we keep our prices low. We don't enter award competitions. We don't care if our designs win for us, we want them to win for you. We focus on you and the creative that's right for you. Our business has grown completely on referrals. THAT is our award.


Our Philosophy

There's no reason creativity needs to be overpriced. This is our passion. Our outlet. We create a partnership through knowledge of our clients, sharing of information, and trust. We strongly believe that growing your business with great designs and services at a fair price, will grow ours.